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Jews Have No Right To Enter Temple Mount, Palestinian Religious Leaders Say In Declaration

Muslim and Christian Palestinian leaders signed a declaration on Wednesday calling against Jewish access to the Temple Mount.

"The Blessed Aska Mosque Document", started by the Islamic Supreme Commission, details a list of objections towards Israeli and Jordanian measures that enable Jews to visit the holy site. The document also questions the two countries claims to supervise archeological exhibitions at the site, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri qualified the Israeli presence in Jerusalem as an "illegal occupation", and said Israel had no right over the Aska Mosque, which is "purely and exclusively sacred to Muslims."

"This would be a grave assault and desecration against the Aksa Mosque," Sabri said at a press conference.

The site remains one of the most contentious in the land dispute between Israel and Palestine.

An Israeli activist, for example, filed a $262 million lawsuit against Jordan, Palestine, and an Arab NGO, alleging that all parties are working to restrict Jewish access to the Temple Mount, according to the Times of Israel.

Baruch Ben Yosef says current measures that restrict Jewish visitation violates Israeli discrimination law. The lawsuit asks for damages to be paid on behalf of Jewish Israelis who have been harassed, attacked, or otherwise turned away from entering the site.

Jordan retains administrative control over the Temple Mount after the Israel-Jordan peace treaty in 1994. While Jewish visitors are granted entry to the site, they are not allowed to pray there.

Sources: The Jerusalem PostTimes of Israel

Photo Credit: Andrew Shiva/Wikimedia Commons


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