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Jewish Man Documents Discrimination While Walking Through Paris Wearing A Yarmulke (Video)

Zvika Klein, a Jewish reporter, decided to document the discrimination Jews in France experience by walking around Paris for 10 hours while wearing a yarmulke.

Photographer Dov Belhassen filmed the experiment by walking in front of Klein with a GoPro camera hidden in his backpack. 

“He came here to f*** from the front and the back,” one passerby said, according to Klein’s report in NRG.

Another person shouted, “Viva Palestine!”

Someone else asked, “Hey you, with the kippa (yarmulke), what are you doing here?”

“Areas known as tourist attractions were relatively calm, but the further from them we walked, the more anxious I became over the hateful stares, the belligerent remarks, and the hostile body language,” Klein said.

He felt particularly threatened while walking through Muslim neighborhoods. Klein decided to walk through Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, which heightened tensions between Jews and Muslims.

One little boy asked his mother, “What is he doing here, Mommy? Doesn’t he know he will be killed?”

Klein concluded, “Is this what life is like for Paris’ Jews? Is this what a Jew goes through, day in and day out, while walking to work or using public transportation? The majority of French Jews do not flaunt their religion, as the Jewish community leaders have urged them to wear hats as they walk to and from work, or go bareheaded.”

 “But what about nighttime?,” he wrote. “Well, Jews prefers to stay inside in the evening. It is safer at home.”

Source: NRG Image via NRG


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