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For the Jewish Geek: R2-D2 Hanukkah "Droidel"

Hanukkah may have ended Tuesday night, but you can begin your preparations for next year with a dreidel that will be the envy of every Jewish Star Wars geek out there -- you can have your very own "droidel."

The good folks at have put their own spin (pun intended) on the traditional Hanukkah toy with a dreidel that looks just like everybody's favorite droid, R2-D2.

And the good news (or bad news if you are not handy with a pair of scissors) is that you can make it yourself out of paper. Here is a link to show you how.

Who knew R2-D2 was Jewish? Now I wonder about Chewie...

Thanks to Chip Chick for the heads up on this story 


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