Jewish Doctor Kicked Off JetBlue Flight For Allegedly Accusing Palestinian Woman Of Having Bomb


A New York doctor was kicked off a JetBlue flight after she allegedly accused a Palestinian passenger of having a bomb.

Dr. Lisa Rosenberg was kicked off her flight from Florida’s Palm Beach International Airport just before takeoff on July 7.

Rosenberg, who is Jewish, was allegedly on her cell phone when she boarded the plane expressing her support for Israeli military action in Gaza.

She claims that when she hung up she was approached by a Palestinian passenger.

"A woman comes up to me and says to me, ‘I'm a Palestinian’ and she starts cursing at me. 'Zionist pig. This is just the beginning,'" Rosenberg told WPBF-TV in an interview.

An argument ensued and a flight attendant intervened and removed Rosenberg from the flight.

Rosenberg says she was never told why she was being removed. She told WPBF-TV that she believes it is because she’s Jewish.

The JetBlue flight attendant wrote in her report of the incident that Rosenberg "accused customer 9C of being a Palestinian murderer, and that her people are all murderers, and that they murder children. She went even further to suggest 9C had explosives in her bag and it would bring the aircraft down."

Rosenberg denies that she suggested the woman had a bomb in her luggage or that Palestinians are murderers. 

The Palestinian passenger, who did not want to be identified, said she feared for her safety after speaking with Rosenburg.

"She then went into a hysterical rant and would not comply with the flight attendant’s requests to sit in her seat and stop shouting. She was removed from the flight because she created a disturbance, not because of her religion," the woman allegedly wrote online, according to WPBF-TV.

Sources: WPBF-TV, Daily Mail

Image credit: Eddie Maloney


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