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Jennifer Crabbe Calls 911 on Muslim Cab Driver, Muslim Group Accuses Her of 'Hate Crime'

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil rights group in the United States, is calling on prosecutors to file charges against Jennifer Crabbe of Ashburn, Va.

CAIR claims that Crabbe committed a "hate crime" when she called 911 and reported that her cab driver, Abdikar Aden, was "very Muslim" on the night of April 23.

“I have some Muslim guy, which I am very scared, who is our taxi driver, who’s pulled over, and I’m afraid,” Crabbe allegedly told the 911 operator.

However, another passenger in the cab repeatedly tried to tell Crabbe to calm down and said that Aden is "a good guy," reports the Associated Press.

“This guy’s Muslim," said Crabbe, according to the 911 recording. "Are you kidding me? Muslim. He’s not a good guy.”

Crabbe has also been accused of making racist remarks, poking Aden repeatedly in his shoulder and threatening to have him deported.

She allegedly told Aden that all Muslims come to the United States to work as taxi drivers in order to save money to blow themselves up.

That was when Aden pulled over and called 911, and so did Crabbe, who reportedly used the f-word more than a dozen times.

Police arrived and wrote a report but filed no charges.

“The assault is made even more deplorable because it was based on Mr. Aden’s faith alone,” wrote CAIR attorney, Gadeir Abbas, in a letter to Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Raymond Morrogh.

Aden believes Crabbe was angry because the taxi meter had hit $17 before she entered the cab because he waited 50 minutes for Crabbe and one other passenger to leave the Capital Grille Steakhouse in Tysons Corner, Va.

Source: Associated Press


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