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Jeb Bush Questions Trump's Commitment To Christianity

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush questioned the sincerity of Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed commitment to Christianity on Jan. 26.

“I don’t know what he is," Bush said after being asked if he believed Trump was truly a Christian, according to ABC News. "I don’t think he has the kind of relationship he says he has if he can’t explain it any way that shows he is serious about it.”

Instead, Bush called Trump a “flip-flopper” who is motivated more by ambition than his religion.

"Trump views all this not from a position of his faith; he views it all as politics,” Bush said. "I think faith goes way beyond politics."

Bush also questioned the endorsement of Trump by Jerry Falwell Jr., evangelical leader and president of Liberty University, where Bush delivered a commencement speech in May 2015.

“For a guy who has stated he has never sought forgiveness, it’s hard to imagine how someone who is a strong believer would embrace that idea,” Bush said. "There may be other reasons that Mr. Falwell is supporting him."

Bush also criticized Trump for changing his opinion on abortion.

With the Iowa caucuses approaching, both Bush and fellow Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz are trying to decrease Trump’s popularity among evangelicals.

Cruz has been endorsed by influential evangelical Bob Vander Plaats, The Washington Post reports.

After hearing of the endorsement, Trump called former friend Vander Plaats a “phony” and “a bad guy” on Twitter.

"It's Donald Trump exposed," Vander Plaats said in a Jan. 26 interview, according to The Washington Post. "He wants to be your friend when he thinks he can get something in return for that friendship. In Iowa, we look at friendship as what we can do for our friends, not what our friends can do for us."

"It just shows a guy that gets tossed about to and fro too easily," Vander Plaats added. "I think that kind of pride and arrogance leads to unstable temperament and judgment."

Sources: ABC NewsThe Washington Post / Photo Credit: CNBC via Crooks and Liars

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