James Dobson Says "Mitt Romney Is Not a Conservative"

Focus on the Family founder and Family Talk host James Dobson appeared with Rick Santorum at a campaign rally in Colorado, which will have its caucus on February 7, 2012.

Dobson said to Santorum: “It would appear to me that Mitt Romney is not a conservative. And Newt Gingrich is not – well I don’t know what he is. You’re the only true conservative in the race.”

“I believe you really care about the moral integrity of this nation and I believe you will fight for it. Fight for marriage and fight for the unborn child and fight for the all the other principles that matters so much to me and so many others.”

Santorum then claimed he was the most favorable candidate in Florida, despite coming in third place: “I had the highest favorability as anybody in Florida. But I didn’t win, even though I had the most positive – highest positive, lowest negative. I didn’t win, and you ask the people why, ‘well, we’re not sure you can win. People think you’re a social conservative and we need someone who’s an economic conservative."

Santorum recently lectured a woman who could not afford a prescription drug that costs $1 million a year, for her sick child.


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