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Islamic State 'Morality Police' Arrest Woman For Not Covering Her Eyes

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Islamic State “morality police” attacked and arrested a Syrian woman dressed in a burkha and face veil because her eyes were “too exposed,” nongovernmental organization Al-Merced reported.

According to the Israeli National News, the attack took place in the eastern Syrian city of Albuhamal. Two men who tried to protect the woman from the attackers were also arrested.

Women who live in around Mosul, the apparent hub of Islamic State, are reportedly regularly beaten with iron rods if they don’t follow the dress code based on what they say is an interpretation of Sharia law. The terrorist group also demands that women wear gloves and double-layered veils.

The Israeli National News also reported the group's rules say “girls as young as 9 years old can marry, and that the role of women is to stay home unless there is a real need to exit the house” and women are “permitted to be taken captives as prisoners of war, as are children.” The extremist group’s treatment of women also reportedly includes practices including being forced into sexual slavery and being stoned for committing adultery.

Despite the disturbing conditions that women live in under Islamic State rule, it has been reported that many women have volunteered to join the “modesty squad” and “appear to live relatively normal lives.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Israeli National News / Photo Credit: Jorge Dalmau/Flickr


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