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ISIS Flag Banned In Netherlands Before Pro-Palestine March

The Netherlands have banned the use of the black flag of the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, from public demonstrations.

The ban comes in advance of a pro-Palestine march scheduled in Amsterdam on August 3, where more than 5,000 people are expected.

The march is in protest to the Israeli shelling of Gaza, reports The Irish Times.

“Nazi symbols, Hitler salutes and burning flags will not be tolerated,” said a police spokesman. “The same applies to the ISIS flag. Demonstrators may not carry it.”

The ban is the first of its kind in Europe and was brought about as a petition signed by more than 17,500 people who called on the mayor of The Hague to resign after failing to take a harder stance on a smaller protest that took place a week ago where the flags were noticeable.

At the rally last week, Dutch News reports that demonstrators were chanting “death to Jews.” Such actions are illegal under incitement laws, as is covering your face as many of the demonstrators did.

Violence towards Jewish residents of Amsterdam have also been reported.

Seraphina Verhofstadt-Makker, who hung an Israeli flag from her balcony, claims she was hit in the face and stomach by three Palestinian-scarf wearing men who broke into her apartment.

Verhofstadt-Makker used red spray paint to protect herself during the attack, possibly leaving traces of the paint on the men’s clothing as evidence.  Police are currently searching for witnesses and investigating.

“It is unbelievable how much hatred of Jews is coming to the fore these days,” said Elbert Dijkgraaf of the fundamentalist Christian group SGP. “Sad, shocking and all the more reason to come down hard on anti-semitism.”

Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan gave the following statement: “It would be completely intolerable if people in our city could act this way and get away with it. That will not happen. The police are on top of it.”

Photo Source: Ingoman/Wikipedia Commons


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