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ISIS Executions Are Out Of Control

New photos surfacing on the internet illustrate the pure brutality of ISIS and the incredibly barbaric types of executions being performed by the terrorist organization. While the West mourns the victims of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris and victims of the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket standoff, ISIS proves to the world what it is capable of. 

According to the Daily Mail, photos released show a woman, accused of adultery (known in the United States as cheating), being brutally stoned to death by male attackers. Once her last breath is taken and her soul is gone, the attackers toss a wrinkled blue tarp over her lifeless body.  

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Another photo surfacing appears to be two men, hanging from metal crosses, in a public forum. The men are accused of banditry (known in the United States as robbery). As if dying by hanging from a metal cross in public isn’t torture enough, the men are finally shot to death, from point blank range, by ISIS militants. No mercy is shown for these men. In fact, the male crowd appears to be thrilled by witnessing this public execution. Before arriving at the public forum, a photo shows the same two men being paraded around town in the back of a pickup truck, hanging from crosses.

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In another execution, two men are shown being pushed off a tall building by ISIS militants. Their crime is being gay. In a video of this execution, a masked militant is heard justifying the deaths of both men because Sharia law forbids homosexuality.   

These photos and videos are proof that ISIS has no boundaries, no regard for human life, and will stop at nothing to make certain that their views are not disrespected and their demands not disobeyed. 

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Sources: Daily Mail



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