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ISIS Appears To Burn Elderly Christian Woman Alive

Islamic State group (ISIS) continues its reign of terror: Its militants reportedly made an example of an 80-year-old Iraqi woman by burning her alive after she refused to convert to Islam. The incident happened in a small village just outside of Mosul in northern Iraq, reports IJReview.

The militants celebrated the state’s first birthday June 29. The caliphate was declared last year in Iraq and Syria. Mosul, the elderly woman's home town, is the second largest city in Iraq and was the first to fall to the group in 2014, reports NBC News.

“It’s been a great year for ISIS,” Matthew Henman said to NBC News. Henman is the head of IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center, a group that reports and analyzes terrorist attacks around the world.

He added that the group has been "remarkably successful" and is "certainly stronger now than it was a year ago."

While the U.S. and other countries have made efforts to combat the growing insurgency of the extremist group, it continues to attract recruits from around the world and to maintain a firm presence in the Middle East.

“Very little consequential territory has been reclaimed,” retired Gen. Jack Keane said to TIME. "ISIS still enjoys freedom of maneuver to attack at will, whenever and wherever it pleases."

The IHS Jane Terrorism and Insurgency Center has reported 3,095 attacks and 6,546 non-militant fatalities — all committed by the militants of the Islamic State within the past year, according to NBC News. ​

Many of those deaths are like that of the elderly Christian woman from outside of Mosul — people standing up to the group and refusing to obey its strict laws.

Sources: IJReview, TIME, NBC News / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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