ISIS Beats, Kills Christian Man Who Was Unable to Flee Iraqi Town Due to Medical Condition

After one of the last Christians still remaining in his Iraqi town refused to convert to Islam, ISIS reportedly beat the man to death.

According to the Washington-based International Christian Concern, 43-year-old Salem Matty Georgis of Bartella was pummeled to death in front of a church.

ISIS militants seized the town of Bartella, which is predominantly Christian, last month.

According to the website Ankawa, one of Georgis’ relatives said that he never left the town because of a heart condition that prevented him from traveling.

The relative reportedly said that Georgis had been confined to his home for three weeks, where he had been eating any food he could find; on Monday, he ran out of food and went out to buy groceries.

As described on Ankawa, Georgis encountered an ISIS patrol in front of Virgin Mary church, where he “completely refused” the patrol’s attempts to convert him to Islam.

In response, the militants “beat him and tortured him until he died in their arms. The militants dumped his body in the same place and went away.”

Officials in the Chaldean Patriarchate confirmed that militants pummeled Georgis to death.

Bartella was one of several predominantly Christian towns in Iraq that were overrun by ISIS in early August. As The Blaze reports, tens of thousands of Christians were forced to flee for their safety.

Sources: The Blaze, Charisma News, Ankawa

Photo Sources: Ankawa, Aleteia


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