Christian Investor: Disney is "Polluting Our Culture"

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MAITLAND, FL -- When you think of a company that is synonymous with family values, Walt Disney, known for "It's a Small World" and Mickey Mouse, might come to mind. Employing over 144,000 full time employees across the globe, Disney is anything but a small company. They are known as a place "Where Dreams Come True" for the millions of annual visitors to their five world renowned parks and resorts. However, according to Arthur Ally, President of Timothy Partners, Ltd., an investment adviser to a Christian based mutual fund family, "If Walt Disney himself was still alive he might be appalled at how this now behemoth corporation is contributing to the pollution of our culture."

Mr. Ally thinks that in addition to all the pro-family activities that Disney advertises and markets, the company is also pro-actively, and somewhat stealthily, promoting an anti-family agenda through the company's production of various movies, films and sitcoms that endorse behaviors that violate fundamental Judeo-Christian principles and beliefs.

Mr. Ally also sees conservative Americans becoming more culturally astute in regard to their voting, shopping and even investing practices.  He contends the result of this past election and the emergence of the Biblically Responsible Investing phenomenon is no coincidence. "People are getting fed up; they know their votes count -- as much on Wall Street as they do in Washington, DC."

Mr. Ally highlighted the research done on Disney by a recently launched web company,, that publishes monthly reports focusing on a specific company whose policies and/or practices it believes are contrary to certain Biblically-based principles. This month's report was on Disney and its anti-family activities. The report can be found on the company's web site and is made available by Timothy Partners, Ltd. upon request.


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