Irvine Considers Placing 'In God We Trust' On City Hall

Irvine, California, is considering following in the footsteps of more than half of Orange County cities by adding the national motto "In God We Trust" to its council chambers.

Doing so would make Irvine the 20th city in Orange County to add the phrase to their City Hall.

Mayor Steven Choi said that the action would appropriate because Irvine is home to "more than 80 institutions of faith." Choi is the one who called for the discussion about displaying the phrase. He suggested placing the text near the city seal or having a graphic designed with the phrase along with an American flag or the city seal.

Former Bakersfield councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan leads an organization called In God We Trust - America, which pushes officials to display the phrase. Bakersfield became the first city in Orange County to approve the addition of the motto to its city council chambers in 2002.

Five years later, Westminster was the first city to follow Bakersfield's lead. Since then, 18 other Orange County cities have chosen to display the phrase.
Not every decision to display the phrase came without controversy, however. In Lake Forest in 2011, the city voted 3-2 to place the motto, but heated debates followed. Critics of the decision said that placing the motto on government buildings violates the separation of church and state and excludes those who don't believe in God.

Irvine will make their decision on the matter on Tuesday.

Sources: OC Register, Ingodwetrust-america.org

Photo Credit: OC Register


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