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IRS Tells Pro-Life Group Not to Force Religious Beliefs, Pro-Lifers Claim Persecution (Audio)

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a Christian legal group, released an audio clip today of a March 2012 phone call between an IRS agent and Ania Joseph, head of Pro-Life Revolution (audio below).

The Texas-based pro-life group offers counseling to women who are considering abortion, but does not actually perform medical services.

During the recorded phone call, IRS agent Sherry Wan gives Joseph information about how an organization can't have a tax exemption and push its religious beliefs on other people.

According to The Blaze, Pro-Life Revolution, waited more than two years for its tax exemption.

“You cannot force your religion or force your beliefs on somebody else,” said Wan.

“I just have a question, Sherry,” Joseph asked. “Is handing a brochure to somebody forcing somebody to do something they don’t want to do?”

“You convince them. But when you take a lot of action, [unintelligible] other people. For example, when you, you know, go to, you know, the abortion clinic, and you found them [unintelligible], we don’t want, you know, to come against them."

“You can’t take all kinds of confrontation activities and also put something on a website and ask people to take action against the abortion clinic. That’s not, that’s not really educational,” said Wan.

The ADF and Joseph are angry that the IRS was trying to find out how Pro-Life Revolution is educational or charitable to qualify for its tax exemption.

The ADF and Pro-Life Revolution are now trying to demonize the IRS.

The Pro-Life Revolution website is comparing the IRS to "Nazis and communist persecution."

“The IRS is a tax collector. It shouldn’t be allowed to be the speech and belief police,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley. “The current scandal isn’t new but has merely exposed the abuse of power that characterizes this agency and threatens our fundamental freedoms.”

However, the IRS is a tax collector and an enforcement agency. The IRS agent was not policing "personal beliefs" and stated so several times on the phone call. The IRS does have guidelines on what a non-profit can say or do, otherwise any company could call itself a non-profit and not pay taxes.

Source: and The Blaze


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