Investigation Finds Two Catholic Priests Guilty Of Sexual Abuse, Only One Is Dismissed From Church

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A recent Catholic Church investigation found two Omaha, Nebraska priests guilty of sexual abuse. The priests were relieved of their pastoral duties as the Catholic Church continues their effort to restore public confidence in the church’s willingness to punish sexually abusive priests.

The two priests are Rev. Alfred J. Salanitro and Rev. Franklin A. Dvorak. Salanitro was kicked out of the priesthood entirely. Dvorak remains in the clergy, but has been sentenced to a life of prayer and penance. He will no longer be allowed to lead services or practice any public pastoral duties and has been told not to wear his clerical attire.

An investigative team consisting of church officials, childcare experts, attorneys, and law enforcement officials found the men guilty of sexual abuse.

Salantrino was deemed guilty of abusing a Carter Lake, Iowa man from the time he was 11 years old. Two other men came forward during the investigation and claimed they too were abused by Salantrino as children.

Dvorak, meanwhile, was determined to have repeatedly abused a young female parishioner from 1970-1972.

The investigation’s findings were reported to local law enforcement officials. The presiding police departments have not decided whether they will pursue formal legal charges against the men at this time.

The moves are in line with the staunch anti-abuse position the church has taken since Pope Francis’s arrival in March. The Associated Press reports that over 3,000 sexual abuse lawsuits have been filed against the Catholic Church in America alone. Since 1950, the Catholic Church in America has paid over $3 billion dollars in sexual abuse lawsuit settlements. 

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