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Insulting Islam: Blatant Leftist Hypocrisy

We saw the outpouring of support for the controversial Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. Now, we have another day designed to insult followers of Islam: International Burn a Koran Day.

Does this second excercise of free speech receive the same support as the receeding one?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We see the same folks who laughed and nodded their heads in gleeful support of the first, then scorn and fear-mongering at the second. Both are expressions of our Constitutionally guranteed first amendment right of free speech. Both are equally insulting to the Islamic community.

Only one was proposed by a leftist. And only one enjoyed support from leftists. I say those who supported the first "Day" should likewise support the second on principle.

I personally suppot both due to my respect for the Constitution but think they are both akin to whacking a hornet's nest, just like I said of the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.


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