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Tensions In Indian Village Rise As Woman Claims She Was Abducted And Gang-Raped

A 20-year-old teacher says that she was gang raped and forced to convert to the religion of a specific community after an abduction last month.

The Indian woman, who is from a village in Kharkhauda, alleges that she was abducted on July 23, taken to a community, gang raped, and forced to both convert to their religion and change her name.

On Saturday, the woman escaped captivity and immediately contacted her family. A police report has been filed, and now, at least two suspects are being questioned for their involvement. The woman alleges that while she was at the Muzaffarnagar madrasa where she was held captive, she also saw at least 40 other girls who were also being held captive.

The girl says that she has cuts on her abdomen, fueling fears that the people responsible for her abduction and rape also harvested organs from her. Officials deny that an organ was taken from the woman but confirm that there are signs that she was cut.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), there are four suspects in the case. Of those four, the two that have been arrested are the village chief of Sarawa and a madrasa official. The investigation into the woman’s claims continues as tensions rise in the area where the young teacher is from.

Sources: Zee News India,, Got News Wire


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