Indian Father Beheads Daughter Over Affairs, Shows No Regret

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In the remote village of Doongar Ji Ka Gurha, India, Oghad Singh used a sword to behead his 22-year-old daughter Manju, who was married three years ago, but had become estranged from her husband.

After cutting her head off, Singh reportedly walked out of his home on Sunday evening proudly holding his daughter’s skull in one hand and the bloodied sword in the other, before a neighbor persuaded him to give himself up.

Rahul Katkey, superintendent of police in that area, told AFP: “The accused was disturbed with his daughter’s extra-marital affairs so he took this extreme step."

Police said that in his statement Singh told officers that he had murdered his daughter in a fit of anger as she was “causing insult to him in society" because of her alleged affairs.

In India, many "mercy killing" cases go unreported, with police and local politicians turning a blind eye to what some see as an acceptable form of traditional justice by families.


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