Immigrants Not Needed if Americans Have More Kids, Says American Family Association (Audio)


Bryan Fischer, executive director of the American Family Association, warned on his radio show "Focal Point" on Wednesday that “two and half of the three branches of our government are now in the hands of people who are lawless, they are immoral and they are godless.”

Fischer didn't provide names or any proof of that claim, but added: "Our republic, the constitution itself is hanging by one single strand, one thread, and that is because of conservatives in the House of Representatives. They are the last link between the American people and any shred of constitutional form of government" (audio below).

According to, the Christian host warned that if the House of Representatives "cave in on immigration [reform] and they go for amnesty, then that thread is going to snap and we will be plunging at warp speed into the abyss.”

Fischer claimed this is how "Europe got into trouble, their fertility rate is so low, they're just not reproducing, they had to import workers."

In fact, just the opposite is true in Ireland, Spain and Greece, where unemployment is high.

He concluded by claiming: “The whole argument for immigration is, ‘We got to get workers.’ Why? Because native-born Americans simply are not reproducing at rates fast enough to increase the population. So we know what we need to do. Let’s get busy.”



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