'I'm Not Gay No More' Pastor Says His Sermons are Chemotherapy for Gays (Video)


Pastor Earl Carter recently appeared in a video in which healed Andrew Caldwell, also known as the "I'm Not Gay No More Guy," from homosexuality.

The gay-to-straight transformation happened at the 107th Holy Convocation convention for the Church of God in Christ earlier this month in Memphis, Tenn. (video below).

Caldwell has since released a musical version of his experience on iTunes.

According to NewsOne.com, after Caldwell became straight, Pastor Carter told the skeptical audience, "Now, either you’re gonna believe this stuff, or you oughta stop preaching it… We don’t just preach condemnation, we preach reconciliation.”

Pastor Carter, who works at a church in Missouri, claimed this week that his anti-gay sermons are like “chemotherapy” for homosexuals, noted RawStory.com (video below).

“I don’t hate gays, I’m just like the doctor who hates disease, I fight the disease,” Pastor Carter told Facebook user Hammresha Jones on Tuesday. “My gospel is like chemotherapy. We try to get to the disease. And the police fighting crime, what are we fighting? Or are we making concessions for these sins?”

“You’re turning out these boys in the bathrooms and everywhere and schools,” added Pastor Carter. “I’m going to tell you how I feel about Obama, how I feel about Oprah, how I feel about anybody that supports the Democratic Party. Sometimes they [are] immoral. They just don’t have any morals at all.”

Pastor Carter lamented how they allow a “man to have his penis in the butt of another man where the dung come out.”

“[God] give you the butt so you can get rid of waste and bacteria. So, you sticking your penis in a cesspool,” stated Pastor Carter.

Pastor Carter suggested that people buy his DVDs so that he could “terrorize this country in the name of the Lord.”

Sources: NewsOne.com, RawStory.com


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