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Illusionist 'Heals' People Like Faith Healers (Video)

Illusionist Derren Brown recently demonstrated how to heal someone and disable another during his "Miracle" show in the U.K. (video below).

The Independent notes that Brown's stage show, which was recently broadcast on Britain's Channel 4, is a satirical portrayal of television faith healers, but appears to yield some real results, possibly by the power of suggestion.

During the show, Brown approached audience member Danielle, who was wearing thick glasses. Brown took her glasses off, examined the spectacles and said, "Wow, the Lord has his work cut out tonight!"

Brown asked her to read part of the show program, but she was not able to.

Brown had her close her eyes and said: "Lord, heal Danielle’s eyes. It’s happening now, the optic nerve is being repaired on both sides, but there’s more damage on the left than the right."

After the "healing," Danielle looked at the program, said, "F--- me sideways," and read it without her glasses.

Brown approached a man named Andre, who seemed skeptical of the miracle. Brown pulled him up on stage and said, "The Lord has a powerful lesson for Andre tonight about faith and belief."

Brown told Andre that he took the devil of blindness from Danielle was going to put it into him. Brown put his hand on Andre's head and said, "God removes your ability to read just for long enough to teach you a powerful lesson about faith and belief. The devil resides in you until I release it again. It's done."

Brown asked him to read from the show program, but Andre said the letters were all mixed up and he was unable to. Brown reversed his earlier command, and Andre could read.

Brown later told his audience that if they were healed then the healing can stay with them, but added that they should keep taking their medication and see their doctor if needed.

Brown said that the real miracle is that a lifetime of chronic pain can disappear when "we tell ourselves a different story. The moment you entertain the notion that a healing might be moving through the room, those symptoms can just go."

Brown insisted it wasn't God who healed people, but not everyone is convinced.

Shannon Heenan, who saw Brown's show in January, told The Sun he healed her knee pain that she had for 10 years following an ice skating accident:

It’s magic, there’s no other way to put it, especially when someone has taken away something that’s been a weight on your shoulders for such a long time. No other doctor, no other person has ever taken away this pain, but this man has. If there’s a god somewhere, Derren Brown is the god, he has all the power -- it’s amazing.

(Note: Eye healing begins at 55:30 mark)

Sources: Independent, The Sun / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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