Idaho Republicans Want To Bring The Bible Back Into The Classroom

Idaho Republicans encouraged legislators to draft and support a bill this past weekend that would permit the use of the Bible in public school classes.

Following the Idaho Republican Party’s State Central Committee meeting that was held June 5 through June 6, a set of proposed resolutions were published, which included the proposition entitled, “A Resolution Supporting Bible Use in Idaho Public Schools.” 

Although it is not illegal to use the Bible as a reference point in classes, the proposed bill would allow for the Bible to be used in place of textbooks for various subjects, The Frisky notes. As stated in the published resolution, members of the state’s Republican party urged the Idaho legislature to support Bible use in Idaho public schools in the study of literature, U.S. and world history, law, biology, geology, world geography, archaeology, and “other topics of study where an understanding of the Bible may be useful or relevant.”

"BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Idaho County Republican Central Committee encourages our Idaho legislators to support a bill stating that public schools may offer elective study courses of the Bible for any of the secular discipline study purposes stated above if students, parents, and/or school districts request such a course within their respective district," the resolution continues.

The legislation that would incorporate biblical teachings into the state's curriculum was submitted during the meeting by Marge Arnzen, the Republican party chairperson for Idaho County, RawStory reports. Arnzen’s suggested bill would reportedly hold the Bible on academic par with biology and government textbooks in the state’s classrooms.

Blogs, forums and other opinionated postings regarding the matter have now been appearing across the web with some suggesting that the proposal is being used as a way to integrate ideals of Creationism into public schools.

“But what justification could anyone possibly have for the relevance of the Bible in astronomy, biology, geology, etc?” A report on Patheos.com questioned. “There is none whatsoever.”

Sources: RawStory, The Frisky, Patheos

Photo Credit:  Patheos.com, thefrisky.com


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