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Husband Can Divorce Wife if She Refuses Sex, Claims Pat Robertson (Video)

Today, on the 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson advised a male viewer named "Jason" that he could get divorced because his wife was withholding sex.

Jason wrote that his wife flirts with him "all the time," but she has no interest in sex. He added that they have only been intimate a "handful of times" during their marriage. “I believe the Bible says withholding sex is wrong. Correct me if I’m wrong,” wrote Jason, noted (video below).

"The Apostle Paul said, 'Do not deny one another, except for a period of fasting, then come back together again that you be not tempted by the devil,'" stated Robertson.

He then suggested that Jason's wife might have a psychological problem or may have been "molested as a child," and needs psychological counseling.

"That's grounds for divorce," added Robertson. "I know you don't want to divorce her, but you can... I would think what she needs, seriously, is to face whatever problem it is that took place in her childhood that has caused her this problem and get it taken care of."

However, according to Christian theologian John MacArthur, there are only two grounds for Biblical divorce for Christians: Matthew 19:8 (adultery) and I Corinthians 7:14 (abandonment). There is no mention of "no sex divorce."

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