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Hundreds Protect Catholic Churchgoers From Preachers (Video)

A small group of street preachers, who call themselves the "Bible Believers," yelled insults at churchgoers outside a Spanish-speaking church in Portland, Oregon, on Jan. 29 (video below).

The preachers shouted at attendees of St. Peter's Catholic Church: "You're going straight to hell!" and "You're not the true Christians!" notes the Portland Tribune.

One of the preachers can be seen on video shouting at the church: "A bunch of stupid white people sympathizing with this church! Shame on you! It's un-American!"

The video caused an online mobilization of supporters. A viral Facebook posting called on white people to put their bodies "between violent bigots and people of color" and create a "strong human chain to stand as a buffer between Latino worshippers and those who hate them."

Around 200-300 people answered the call on Feb. 5, and formed a human wall to protect the Catholic churchgoers.

The street preachers did not show up.

"There's been subtle racism ever since I've been here," Juan Mayoral, a church member, told the Portland Tribune. "What has happened is President [Donald] Trump's stance on immigration has allowed people to feel free to harass us."

Brenda Ramirez, a church attendee, was impressed by the local support: "It's just beautiful. This is what America is -- not racism or hate. This is what it should be."

One of the links in the human chain, Cosima Ritter, added: "I think in this time, I have a white body that I can combat white supremacy with and put myself in dangerous situations that other people can't. It's important for people to engage and protect the community right now."

Pastor Raul Marquez, who heads the church, told the members of human wall: "This is what it's all about -- community, acceptance, partnership."

Grant Chisholm, one of street preachers, told The Oregonian his group will keep shouting outside churches.

"We're preachers," Chisholm explained. "We use horns. We yell."

Sources: Portland Tribune, The Oregonian / Photo credit: Hermandad Mexicana de Oregon via The Oregonian

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