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Hundreds Of Nativity Scenes Appear In Minnesota Town In Pro-Christian Protest (Video)

A Nativity scene was removed from outside a public building in Wadena, Minnesota, after a complaint by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) because the religious display was on government property. Now, Nativity scenes are popping up on front yards and in businesses around the small town (video below).

"We're attempting to break the world's record," Wadena Mayor George Deiss told Lakeland Public Television.

"This town has always rallied when its needed to, and the people just pull together and its outstanding," Deiss added.

However, the Nativity scenes did not start out as an attempt to break a world record, but rather a way for the town's Christians to thumb their noses at the FFRF, which has no problem with Nativity scenes on private property such as yards.

Dani Sworski, a local resident and self-identified Christian, created the "Wadena Nativity Display" Facebook page encouraging people to place Nativity displays in their yards.

"I feel like [the FFRF is] just trying to bully our faith away," Sworski told Fox 9.

Sworski's Facebook page also includes numerous posts from atheists explaining the separation of church and state, and Christians insisting that the U.S. is a Christian nation.

“I just get another smile on my face every time I go by another nativity scene that I haven't seen before,” Sworski told the news station.

The original Nativity scene from the park is now sitting in front of a private hospital, which the FFRF has not expressed any problem with.

Sources: Fox 9, Facebook, Lakeland Public Television / Photo Credit: Lakeland Public Television Screenshot

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