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Huge Prayer Rally For Kim Davis In Peru Didn't Happen As Her Lawyer Claimed

Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis received the Cost of Discipleship Award on Sept. 25 during the Values Voters Summit, which is sponsored annually by the conservative Christian group Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.

Davis has made headlines throughout the summer for refusing to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court and a federal judge's order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

At the Values Voters Summit, Davis' lawyer Mat Staver, of the Liberty Counsel, said that 100,000 people recently gathered in Peru for a prayer rally in support of Davis and displayed a picture as evidence, notes ThinkProgress writer Zack Ford.

The same picture (above) was tweeted by Matt Barber, formerly of the Liberty Counsel, on Sept. 24 with the caption: "Christians in Peru had a prayer rally for #KimDavis & American Christians. over 100K showed up. Amazing! #ImWithKim."

Twitter user DCHomos tweeted another picture side by side with the Davis prayer picture on Sept. 26 and wrote: "I'm pretty sure this is the event, last May in Estadio San Marcos, Lima Peru. NOT a Kim Davis Rally."

Barber did not relent and tweeted the same picture on Sept. 27 with the caption: "Cong. @juliorosas1 called a prayer rally for #KimDavis & U.S. Christians in Peru. 100K showed up. Amazing! #VVS15."

The Liberty Counsel issued a press release on Sept. 28 which read, in part: 

Julio Rosas, a member of the Peruvian Congress, met personally with Mat Staver and Kim Davis the day prior to the award, explained the prayer meeting, and presented the photograph. The decision to add the photograph to the speech was made at the last minute. When some questioned whether such a large event occurred, Liberty Counsel sought verification ... It now appears that while prayer meetings did occur throughout Peru, the photograph presented to Mat Staver was an honest mistake and was of a different Christian assembly in a soccer field.

On September 6, the day prior to Labor Day, while Kim Davis was in jail, Congressman Rosas was part of the call for the prayer meeting that occurred the following Sunday, September 13, the day prior to Kim’s return to work on September 14. Congressman Rosas left for the U.S. on September 10 to attend meetings in Washington, D.C., so he was not at the event.

DCHomos found the picture on the Facebook page of the organization that put on the Davis prayer event on Sept. 13, but the original picture was posted on May 25, 2014.

"We have no reason to puff the Kim Davis story," Staver said in the Liberty Counsel press release. "Her name has become known around the world. The people in Peru were very much aware of Kim Davis because her story was broadcast on a variety of media. However, the photograph was an honest mistake.

"Make no mistake, however, that there is widespread support for Kim Davis. Last week she was recognized by many people as she walked through the Philadelphia, New York LaGuardia, and Washington, D.C. Reagan airports. People gave her a thumbs up sign or verbally expressed support for Kim Davis. While she has obvious detractors, Kim Davis also has wide support."

A poll earlier this month found that 63 percent of Americans believe Davis should issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and 45 percent supported her imprisonment for refusing to do so despite a federal judge's order. 

Barber tweeted on Sept. 28 to Ford: "Alright, @ZackFord, as goes the photo it seems you were right. So, to that extent - wait for it - I apologize ;-)."

Barber also linked to his website,, where he noted the error and added: "Think Progress is a left-wing extremist blog that exists to push 'progressive' propaganda. Zack Ford is an atheist homosexual activist who blogs for Think Progress."

Barber describes himself on his Twitter profile as: "Christ follower. Founder of @barbwirecom. Lawyer. Author. Columnist (WND, TheBlaze, WashTimes, etc). Husband. Dad. Ex-pro boxer. Liberal-ticker-offer"

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