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'Huge Amount of Sexual Abuse' of Gay Men by Gay Men, Says American Family Association (Audio)

During her American Family Association radio show on Friday, Christian host Sandy Rios claimed there was a high rate of sexual abuse of gay men by gay men (audio below).

As proof, she cited a phone call from a woman who claimed to have worked at a hospice for gay men and relayed the "horrible things" that homosexuals supposedly did to each other.

According to, this is not the first time that Rios has claimed that gay men are sexual predators.

"There is a huge amount of sexual abuse in the male gay community. Men on men. I know this from sources. I had woman call into my radio show that I was doing, a national show for Concerned Women for America, to tell me that she had been just a supporter of the homosexual community. She had a real soft spot," said Rios. 

"She started volunteering in hospices for gay men dying of AIDS, such compassion. She called me to say that after she had worked there for such a long time, she saw first-hand the horrible things that gay men do to each other. And she went on and on and on.  She was just appalled. This is unreported, but it is tragic and it is epidemic."



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