Former Non-Believer Howard Stern Turning to God to Solve Crisis


By David Silverman

Today, the nation’s (and my) favorite shock-jock shocked his team and surely his listeners when he said he was facing some monumental crisis, had tried everything, and was now turning to God. Yep.

He’s going to try Judaism, including donning a yarmulke and speaking in Hebrew, and if that doesn’t work he’s going to try Jesus. He wasn’t kidding. He’s actually not going to say he’s non-theistic anymore because he believes in gods after all. He obviously also believes in intercessory prayer.

Sal (who else) jumped in to support Howard and suggested the whole audience be asked to pray to change whatever is now destined to happen to make Howard more happy. He said group prayer “makes it stronger”.

I had to chuckle when during his next topic, Howard chided someone for being irrational.

So dear Howard, I hope you have a nice time begging your invisible magic man-in-the-sky to change the course of the future to suit you. Don’t forget to bring your checkbook to the synagogue and please, by all means, tell us about the experience. There is nothing like watching falling stars.


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