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How God Uses "Heretics" Like Mormon Glenn Beck

By Rich Vermillion

Many genuine Christians are quite upset regarding the explosion of heretics in recent months. For example, there was Mormon Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor Rally" this past August 2010. (Of course, anyone familiar with their doctrine already knows that Mormonism's outlandish heresies read like a poorly written historical fiction novel.) Beck clearly stated that this event was "not political" and he even proposed that it was a "new Great Awakening" (in a weird Mormon sense, of course). He even introduced his new "Black Robe Brigade" of apostate preachers joining him in his crusade. It would have been far more honest to entitle it, "The Parade of Heretics Rally" given the bizarre doctrines that were subtly promulgated there.

I joined with some other brothers in prayer about these issues. During that time, by God's providence, I stumbled across copies of some of John Bunyan's theological works in my library. Therein I found his insights, originally written around 1656 AD, regarding how God even uses heretics for His Own sovereign purposes (though without their consent or knowledge). Inspired thereby, I wrote an article that more fully expounds this amazing truth from Scripture: How God Uses Heretics.

This encouraging message hit home with many, and it quickly spread around the Internet. The affect that this article has had on people was expressed well within the words of one formerly battle-wearied pastor:

"I cannot even begin to tell how timely your post was to my life this week. For months I have been fighting heresy like never before in my own denomination...After writing so much myself on like subjects, this just really hit home...Basically I am a worn out warrior and then [I read] this. Not only was it refreshing, but enlightening, challenging and even a little rebuking on my recent attitude of throwing my hands up. If you only knew the battles. Most of them are with folks in high positions of leadership and influence as well. Thanks brother for refreshing my spirit tonight."

Written to both educate and inspire, its message is this: If heretics are proliferating today, then a major new revival is about to come to God's TRUE Church. -- R.V.

Rev. Rich Vermillion is an ordained minister, award-winning author, and autodidactic scholar of theology and economics. He has appeared on numerous television and radio broadcasts in the U.S. and internationally.


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