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Teachers in Trouble for Sprinkling "Holy Water" on Atheist

Two Florida teachers have been put on desk duty after a fellow teacher accused them of sprinkling “holy water” on her because she’s an atheist.

Two Florida teachers are removed from class over alleged use of holy water.

Leslie Rainer and Djuna Robinson, 20-year veterans of the Broward County School District, said a complaint from teacher Schandra Rodriguez led to their being escorted out of the Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach, Fla., in front of their students.

Rodriguez claimed in the complaint that Rainer and Robinson had poured “holy water” over her in front of students who were discussing religion, according to Marsy Smith, a school district spokeswoman.

Their defense? This was all a joke, they waved a perfume bottle at her, and then the atheist teacher filed a complaint. OR, the self-proclaimed “Christian Teachers” are lying, and tried to force their bigoted beliefs on someone in public school. Hmmm.. which story is more believable?

We will be hearing more about this one.


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