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How 'Bible-Minded' Is Your City? (Map)

The American Bible Society just released a map ranking 100 major American cities according to their “Bible-mindedness."

How did the organization determine what it meant to be “Bible-Minded,” you ask? The rankings were produced by combining the residents of a city’s regular reading of the Bible (time spent reading the Bible over the last seven days) and their beliefs in the accuracy of the text.

The map confirms long-held assumptions that the south and Midwest regions of the United States are hold the greatest percentage of Christian residents. The map also found an inverse relationship between city size and Bible-Minded rank. Smaller cities tend to be more Bible-minded while larger cities tend to be less.

Here the top 10 most Bible-minded cities:

  1. Chattanooga, Tenn.
  2. Birmingham, Ala.
  3. Roanoke/Lynchburg, Va.
  4. Springfield, Mo.
  5. Shreveport, La.
  6. Charlotte, N.C.
  7. Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C./Asheville, N.C.
  8. Little Rock, Ark.
  9. Jackson, Miss.
  10. Knoxville, Tenn.

And the bottom 10 least Bible-minded cities:

  1. Providence, R.I./New Bedford, Mass.
  2. Albany, N.Y.
  3. Boston
  4. San Francisco
  5. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  6. Buffalo, N.Y.
  7. Hartford/New Haven, Conn.
  8. Phoenix
  9. Burlington, Vt.
  10. Portland, Maine

Here’s the map:

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Sources: The Blaze, Time Military


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