Houston Police Hand Out Wristbands That Say 'Pray for Police' (Video)


Houston police officers and local members of faith communities passed out wristbands that said, "Pray For Police" and "#P4P" this week to encourage the public to engage in religious activity on behalf of law enforcement (video below).

In addition to passing out the religiously-themed bands, faith-based folks were on hand to pray with the public at the Houston Police Union building, notes KTRK.

The Houston Police Union hosted controversial psychologist William Lewinski for a seminar in August. According to the Houston Chronicle, Lewinski "has emerged nationally as a go-to expert in hundreds of police shooting cases, almost always on behalf of police officers."

Harris County District Attorney, Devon Anderson, told the media on Tuesday:

I think with [Harris County Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth's] death there has been an awakening in Harris County in Houston and across the nation of what exactly law-enforcement does every single day for us. Every single day they don't know if they're going to be able to come home to the family or not.

"This is an opportunity to say let's everybody take a deep breath," Houston Mayor Annise Parker added. "Let's pray together let's join together in a way that's positive and hopefully take some of the tension out of these interactions; and maybe heal it."

However, the Friendly Atheist wrote: "...Mayor Parker, who may be overcompensating for that time last year when Christian pastors falsely accused her of trying to silence anti-gay pastors, should know better."

The "Pray For Police" campaign was promoted by a local Christian radio station, KSBJ, which wrote on its website: "PACA, and the KSBJ prayer team will be praying with anyone who comes to the Houston Police Officers Union near downtown to get a free #P4P wristband."

PACA is the Houston Police and Clergy Alliance, which also promoted the event on its website.

Houston police recently made headlines after they tased and shot an unarmed black patient in a local hospital.

Sources: KTRK, Friendly AtheistHouston Chronicle, KSBJPACA / Photo Credit: KTRK Screenshot


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