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White House "Eager" to Celebrate Gay Pride Month

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The White House was so eager for "Gay Pride Month" that it couldn't wait until June to celebrate. Yesterday, the President issued his official proclamation, which explained in great detail all that his administration has done to cater to homosexuals at the expense of the traditional family, religious freedom, and national security.

While the White House cheers the movement on, President Obama's home state joined the party by legalizing civil unions. Today, Illinois will become the sixth state (joining California, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington) to grant same-sex couples virtually every benefit of marriage--except the name.

But ironically, the so-called Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act has already done more harm to religious freedom than good. The Roman Catholic diocese in Rockford has announced that it will close its doors on the church's adoption program before subjecting children to placement in homosexual homes. Like it did in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., the Catholic Church refused to violate its convictions. Unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before other dioceses follow suit.

For the church, this is an act of self-defense. Without a religious exemption, the law makes programs like this one vulnerable to lawsuits or state budget cuts. Much to the frustration of the bill's own sponsor, the state refused to carve out special protections for the religious organizations like this one. And now the state's neediest children will be paying for it.

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