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'I Don't Have Much': Homeless Person Leaves Note, Donation In Church's Collection Basket

A North Carolina church says they’re blown away after emptying the collection basket to find a handwritten note on an envelope containing cash from an unknown homeless person.

Reports say that workers at First United Methodist Church in Charlotte discovered the anonymous note and donation while emptying the collection basket. The simple note reads, “Please don’t be mad. I don’t have much, I’m homeless. God Bless.”

The homeless person managed to put 18 cents inside the envelope, and although it isn’t a lot, church employees say they were “moved” by the thought and are hoping to learn the identity of the person.

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“We would like the dear soul who donated 18 cents to know that everyone on our team was moved by the spirit in which the gift was made," Rev. Patrick S. Hamrick said to WBTV. "We gratefully acknowledge that this individual, out of his poverty, has given all he had to live on.

“It's touching that one of our homeless neighbors responded by giving back," Hamrick added. "We weren't ‘mad', we were very touched by this.”

The church says it has always had a good relationship with the homeless community in Charlotte. By going to the media, the church hopes that they’ll be able to identify the person behind the generous act.

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Sources: Fox Carolina, Daily Mail

Photo Source: Fox Carolina


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