Home-Birthing Christian Couple Defies Court, Takes Kids Out Of State (Video)

Erica Carey and Cleave Rengo had an unassisted home birth for their set of twins in Bellingham, Washington, in 2014.

Carey told KING 5 (video below) that a home birth was more wholesome, and preserved sanctity and sacredness.

Carey and Rengo, who self-identify as Christians, say paramedics soon showed up at their home and advised the new parents to take their twins to the hospital for a check up, but the couple refused to do so.

Officials from Child Protective Services (CPS) then showed up to check on the twins, and found that the couple's first baby, now 10 months old, had eczema. Carey and Rengo said they treated the eczema with probiotics and coconut oil, but CPS said they needed to use steroid creams.

In his defiant response, Rengo cited his Christian authority of the household, which was given to him by God.

Child Protective Services took all three children into custody per a judge's order on Nov. 5, 2014, because of alleged health issues and a chaotic home life, which included repeated contacts with police since 2013.

A court commissioner returned the children to Carey and Rengo on Dec. 5, 2014, but told the couple that they had to cooperate with CPS.

However, the three toddlers were reported missing after Carey and Rengo fled their home in Bellingham earlier this month, noted The Bellingham Herald.

Mindy Chambers, a spokeswoman for CPS, said that a court commissioner granted a CPS request to place the children in protective custody on Jan. 28.

Carey and Rengo have received strong support on social media sites following an article by the website Medical Kidnap, which portrayed the couple as victims of CPS because they had a home birth, a claim which CPS has denied.

The couple and their kids were spotted at a gas station near Aptos, California, on Thursday. An unidentified witness called 911, noted KSBW.

When Santa Cruz County CPS officials arrived to take custody of the children, Carey allegedly assaulted a Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputy and a California Highway Patrol (CHP) sergeant, according to CHP Officer Brad Sadek.

Carey was charged with battery on a peace officer and resisting a peace officer.

The toddlers will be transported back to Bellingham and placed in CPS custody.

Sources: KSBW, KING 5, The Bellingham Herald
Iage Credit: KING 5 Screenshot


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