Holy Cows Trample Hindu Men In Hopes Of Answering Prayers (Video)

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Dozens of Hindu men in western India are recovering after being trampled by herds of cows, the Daily Telegraph reports.

But this was no accident, rather a centuries-old sacred ritual.

“It is believed that is a cow’s feet touches a person, his problems will be reduced,” a district official said.

The Hindu devotees lie on the ground to have sacred cows walk over them as part of an annual ritual to encourage God to answer their prayers. The ceremony took place Monday in the town of Garbada and in other parts of India.

Despite what people not familiar with the ceremony may believe, the cows may be good luck, seeing that there have been no fatalities during the ceremony.

“There has never been a case where a person has been injured seriously or died,” Bhadar Rathod, tribal chief in Garbada said.

Like the Running of the Bulls tradition in Pamplona, Spain, the Indian ceremony has become a widely popular tourist attraction. Men life face down on the ground as the cattle trample over them, led forward by other villagers as crowds watch.

After offering prayers to the cattle, people decorate the cows with yellow, green, purple, pink powder and peacock feathers with bells tied to their legs.

The ceremony took place one day after Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights and a major event on the Hindu calendar.

Source: Daily Telegraph, YouTube


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