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Holy Angels School Shuts Down After Pastor Admits His Sister is On Christopher Dorner’s Hit List

While there is very little evidence to suggest that alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner is even still in Los Angeles, local officials aren’t taking any chances.

Less than a week after the 33-year-old former LAPD officer purportedly murdered three people in cold blood, the Holy Angels School in Arcadia decided to close down shop when it was uncovered that a pastor’s sister was mentioned by Dorner in his manifesto.

"While I am not under direct threat from this suspect, both LAPD and Arcadia PD have recommended that I be away from the parish," the pastor said in the statement obtained by ABC.

Dorner’s bizarre manifesto was published last week. When news of his alleged killings went national, it spread like a wildfire. The rant, posted on Facebook, laid out retribution plans against those whom he felt had wronged him en route to his current disturbed mental state.

For what it's worth, parents and student at the school seem to understand why these precautions are necessary.

"I think it was shocking that it came so close to where we're at and that there's a possibility that something could happen to us," said one student.

Her father agreed.

"This individual has already shown that he seems to go after the family members of the people he has some grudge against, and unfortunately what more profile person to go after than a priest," said Rich.

Despite the fact there is very little chance of Dorner resurfacing anywhere near Holy Angels School, additional police forces have been dispatched to the area. Classes will be postponed until further notice.



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