Hobby Lobby Claims to be 'Guided and Directed' by the Bible (Video)


Hobby Lobby president Steve Green claimed that his company was being “guided and directed” by the Bible at "Star Spangled Sunday," a conservative event at the First Baptist Church of Charlotte, N.C.

“The bottom line is we believe that life begins at conception, and for us to be a part of taking that life violates what are deeply held beliefs are, and so we just said we didn’t want to freely provide those [or to] pay for them for employees,” stated Green in a pre-taped video (below), noted RawStory.com.

However, Green failed to mention that Hobby Lobby invests $73 million in a retirement plan that includes companies that produce abortion-causing drugs and the very same "morning after" birth control pills that Hobby Lobby fought against providing for its female employee via Obamacare, noted Mother Jones in April.

“There are struggles for religious freedom in America," claimed Green. "Just a few years ago we never would have imagined we would have filed suit against our own government, the government that we love, but there are challenges. There are struggles that people of faith are facing today that have never been faced before.”

According to RightWingWatch.org, Christian brothers David and Jason Benham also appeared at the event and told Christians to "take a stand" just as they have (with numerous anti-gay statements).

"When Satan steps into the octagon and he's got rockets in one hand and bombs in another with Hamas, and ISIS, and this agenda to silence our freedoms in America, it is the Bride of Christ that steps in with our wedding gown on and combat boots on and a sword in our right hand and we will win in Jesus name," stated David (video below).

Sources: RawStory.com, RightWingWatch.org, Mother Jones


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