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Hitler Started 'War on Christmas' Claims American Family Association (Audio)

As stories trickle in about this year's supposed "War on Christmas," the American Family Association (AFA) claims to have traced the roots of this battle all the way back to Adolf Hitler.

AFA president Tim Wildmon and AFA radio host Sandy Rios (pictured) were upset today over an article in USA Today, in which several Christians debunked the "War on Christmas."

Christian author Rachel Held Evans has created a flow chart on her website that states: "Did someone wish you happy holidays? You are not being persecuted."

"God became flesh and lived among us, and if that's not enough for people, I think they've missed the point," Evans told USA Today.

"We advise people that, rather than trying to force that weary Walmart worker to say 'Merry Christmas' against company policy, how about we be the bearers of joy?" added Daniel Darling, of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

According to, Wildmon and Rios were livid that other Christians didn't buy into the "War on Christmas," which Rios claimed was started by Hitler (audio below).

“This is exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany,” stated Rios. “I don’t think this pastor understands and I don’t think people understand what is going on in the world. They don’t have a large enough world. Their world is too small and so they don’t understand the dangers.”

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