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Hints that Your Favorite Politician Might be a Dominionist

By Blair Scott

Becky Garrison is a Christian writer who agrees with American Atheists on many issues and has contributed articles in the past criticizing elements of Christianity in government, etc.

In the upcoming American Atheist magazine will be Becky’s full article about Dominionism. In the meantime, Becky has provided us with a list of signs to look for to determine if a U.S. politician is a Dominionist:

-- Anointed by God to run for public office, blames sagging poll numbers as an attack by “the enemy.”

-- Labels global warming a myth, since Earth was already saved 2,000 years ago.

-- Overcame power of darkness by leaving homeschooling to attend Patrick Henry College.

-- Celebrates “Jesusween” on October 31 by dressing up in full Armor of God pajamas (a bargain at only $6.66).

-- Calls the death penalty God’s mighty judgment against rebellious deceivers and false teachers who think it’s A-OK to murder sacred stem cells.

-- Exhibits “love” for homosexuals “trapped” in a state of deception and doomed to be thrown into lake of fire.

-- Wrangles invitation to tea party hosted by Fox & Friends.

-- Hires A. Larry Ross Communications to pimp their product.

-- Thinks Episcopalians are Commie homo-loving liberal atheists destined for eternal damnation.

-- Prays to win the world through Christ and free market economic liberty.

-- Says not to worry about caring for the planet cuz we’ll all be gone come October 21, 2011 … oh, uh, never mind.

-- Proudly displays vintage Christian Coalition “Poor, Uneducated, Easy to Command” button, despite diploma from Liberty University.

-- Preys away the Beatitudes from Matthew 5-7.

-- “Refudiates” godless heathens and militant radical homosexual activists who “misunderestimate” their godly plan of action to restore America.

-- When caught with pants down, claims interns were groped by God’s Right Hand.

-- Talking about enacting God’s law into civil society makes him go all Santorum inside.

You can find out more about Becky Garrison at


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