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High School Student Gets In Trouble For Wearing Jesus Costume to School

A student at Highland Park High School in the suburbs of Chicago got in trouble after coming to school wearing a Jesus Christ costume for Halloween. According to the school, such a costume is against their policy.

School administrators took notice right away when Marshon Sanders came to school dressed as Jesus, his costume complete with long hair, a wooden cross, a crown of thorns, a robe, and more.

“In first period, I got pulled out immediately — 10, 15 minutes into the class,” Sanders said.

According to school officials, both faculty and some students believed that the costume violated policy and was offensive, so the student was asked to remove it and faced disciplinary action. Sanders, who himself is a Christian,  tried to explain to school officials that it was not meant to make fun or offend, but to be a tribute to someone he really admired.

“He’s influential in my life,” said Sanders.

Eventually, the boy’s mother came down to the school to try and defend her son, and after understanding why he chose to wear the costume, the boy was allowed to put it back on. After everything, though, he decided not to.

“We initially were concerned that the costume could be offensive to religious sensibilities,” said Highland Park High School in a statement. “Upon further review, we realized the student did not intend to be offensive. Therefore, the school communicated to the student that he could wear the costume.”


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