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High School Football Coach Under Investigation For Prayers With Players (Video)

Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy is under investigation by the local school district for leading players in prayer following games on the 50-yard line in the Washington State town (video below).

According to Bremerton School District policy, "school staff shall neither encourage nor discourage" students from engaging in prayer, which pretty much follows court rulings on the issue.

Kennedy, who is also the head coach for the Junior Varsity team, told KING 5: "I'm just exercising my right. Competition is over, and I just thank God for every one of these young men that are out here. It's about the freedom and people can believe whatever they want."

Kennedy has the support of many in the community who have created a Facebook page called "Support Joe Kennedy."

The page posted a message from Kennedy on Sept. 13:  "The truth is:

1. Told that I couldn't lead the prayer.
2. I asked what they would do if I did.
3. They said " they will fire you "
4. I prayed.
5. Now I am waiting to hear from the school tomorrow.

As of today, I have not been fired"

There is a rally planned to support Kennedy this Friday.

Sources: KING 5, Facebook / Photo Credit: KING 5 Screenshot


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