High School Cheerleaders Told They Cannot put Bible Verses on Football Game Banners

At Kountze High School in, Kountze, Texas, cheerleaders have been told that they can no longer use Bible verses on their football game banners.

Most people in Kountze viewed the banners as evidence of the students' moral upbringing, however, someone complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation that fights for the separation of church and state, reports cbsnews.com.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent superintendent Kevin Weldon a letter, he banned the banners, which outraged the small 2,100 person town.

However, on Thursday, a judge granted a request by the nonprofit Liberty Institute law firm to temporarily bar the implementation of the ban.

The judge set a date for a hearing in early October.

A Facebook group, Support Kountze Kids Faith, had more than 36,000 members by Thursday. They say it was the students' decision to "give the glory to God this year."

Superintendent Kevin Weldon told KVUE-TV: "It is not a personal opinion of mine. My personal convictions are that I am a Christian as well. But I'm also a state employee and Kountze ISD representative. And I was advised that that such a practice would be in direct violation of United State Supreme Court decisions."

Cheerleader Ashton Jennings said to KVUE-TV: "I'm actually thankful for [the controversy]. Because if someone hadn't complained, or if there hadn't been any opposition we wouldn't have this chance to spread God's word in this big of a way."


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