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Israel's Unlikely Ally Against Boycotts -- Christian Radio

BET SHEMESH, ISRAEL -- Calls to boycott Israeli goods are gaining strength as Israel's foes attempt to alienate the Jewish State politically and economically.

Genesis Waters, LLC has initiated a grass-roots campaign to counter the boycotts. "Drinking Genesis Living Waters of Israel is a great way to support the Jewish State, break the boycotts and help victims of terror," says Michael Gerbitz, founder of Genesis Waters.

"Christian Radio is the most effective way to deliver the message and promote the cause," says Gerbitz. Genesis is seeking more radio stations to join its "network of supporters" and help spread the word.

This important project can be used as an effective fundraiser to raise funds for pro-Israel radio stations that choose to participate in promoting and distributing Genesis Living Waters of Israel.

Why bottled water? "Americans drink lots of bottled water -- especially in the summer," says Gerbitz. "Why not buy water from Israel and help Israel at the same time?" Every purchase supports Israel's victims of terror, through donations to organizations that provide physical, financial and emotional relief.

Genesis Waters stands up to the world's finest mineral waters. Its upscale bottle resembles Fiji Water with an attractive "see through the water" label depicting Israel's green landscapes and flowing streams.

The water is bottled at a pristine source near the Sea of Galilee, alongside the Jordan River and is promoted as a "healthy and refreshingly pure experience for body and soul."

Gerbitz explains that Israel's water is called "Living Water" in the Book of Genesis, referring to an everlasting "Source of Blessing". He believes Israel is a source of blessing as evidenced by its "consistent achievements that benefit the world."

"The company's goal is to bless Israel," Gerbitz declares. "It says in Genesis that those who bless Israel will themselves be blessed. Who wouldn't want to be blessed?"

While Genesis Waters is available for home delivery through its website, radio stations are urged to support this project by contacting Genesis Waters today!


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