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Heavy Priest Rides 'Possessed' Man's Back In Strange Exorcism (Video)

An orthodox priest was recently filmed riding on top of a man in a bizarre exorcism ceremony.

The incident (video below) happened in Transnistria, a tiny country that sits on a strip of land near the border of Moldova and the Ukraine.

The priest, Father Valeriy, reportedly weighs over 200 pounds.

According to the Daily Star, Valeriy pulled the man's ears (like a donkey) and said he wanted to ride him "all the way to Jerusalem" to exorcise a demon.

The man told onlookers, "Good people please save me! I cannot take it anymore! If nothing else, let me carry the priest in my hands?"

He soon collapsed under Valeriy's weight.

Undeterred, Valeriy stood on the man's back, walked on his head and declared the man was no longer possessed.

However, the Moldovan Orthodox Church condemned the exorcism, and has promised to take Valeriy to a church court.

The Daily Mirror reported in March about a 22-year-old woman who allegedly had a demon cast out of her by Bishop Manuel Acuna at the Lutheran Charismatic Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At one point during that ceremony, the woman was held on the floor by church helpers, yelled, "No, no!" and called one of the female helpers a "whore."

Sources: Daily Star, Daily Mirror
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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