Don't Assume Atheists Hate Christianity or God

A common thing that I hear many Christians say about atheists is that they must hate God or Christianity or religion in general. They ask why and they try to get you to admit to all kinds of nasty things that happened during your childhood or that you were just raised without any beliefs, or whatnot.

I don't understand this. It lacks the fundamental understanding that atheists are not generally angry at God or angry at religion or Christianity. How can you hate something that doesn't exist? To an atheist, it isn't there! It never was. It was never there to hate in the first place.

But, why in the world do so many Christians feel the need to ask atheists why they hate God? If you hate God, then you believe in Him because if he weren't there you couldn't hate him. In which case, you probably are not an atheist. :p A disgruntled Christian, perhaps, but that isn't the same thing.

I can see why some people might think a good many atheists hate God if they are very outspoken and heated about their dislike of a religion, but that's dislike of a religion and not of the deity which does not exist to an atheist.

Why do atheists hate religion? Well, this probably varies from individual to individual, but generally the things many atheists will tell you is because generally speaking religions often oppress people, suppress free thought and free speech, and generally try to corrupt the surroundings with its beliefs despite the fact that others do not believe in said religion and (at least in the case of the US) try to inject religion into the government and laws when it is unconstitutional.

See? Even then it isn't a hatred of the religion itself but rather what it does to people and communities. That doesn't mean you have to agree with atheists. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should be. But, silly questions like asking atheists why they hate something that they don't believe exists in the very first place seems a little inane, don't you think?


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