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Hateful Pastor Bill Keller: "Muslims are Going to Hell"

A pastor from Florida has ventured to New York City with hateful rhetoric about Muslims and the proposed mosque near Ground Zero. "Muslims are going to hell, we need to save them," pastor Bill Keller told a crowd of about 40 people Sunday at a hotel near the former World Trade Center site.

Keller has an answer to the mosque -- a 9/11 Christian Center. He claims he is currently raising money to build such a facility to counteract what he calls the "victory mosque."

"Islam is not and has never been a religion of peace," he said. "How could you build bridges with people who ask their Muslim brothers to fly a plane into the Twin Towers and killed thousands of innocent people."

Showing he is an equal opportunity offender, Keller also blasted Mormons, Hindus, pro-choice supporters and gays, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

"All we're trying to do is teach people the only truth there is," he said, "Forty years ago, no one would call me controversial," he said.

Others who are opposed to the mosque are distancing themselves from Keller, saying he allows mosque-supporters to too easily dismiss the opposition as bigoted and racist.


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