Harold Camping: Forget May 21, I Meant Rapture on October 21


Harold Camping now admits that he was slightly wrong. Apparently, he forgot to carry the one during a simple addition problem. That's why, kids, you should always doublecheck your work.

The End didn't arrive on May 21, as most of you now realize. But it was a very important day. It was actually "the beginning of the end." See how that works?

The 89-year-old California pastor, who got worldwide coverage for his daring Rapture prediction, says the world has indeed already started to change -- as of May 21. It just didn't get annihilated, as the Earl of End Days had thought.

So when will the actual Rapture happen, Nostradamus Camping?

Funny you should ask. The Man Who Knows His Master Plan has a new-and-improved date for that: October 21, 2011. Save the date. That's the real date. The ending of the End, if you will.

According to the reliable preacher, all of humanity now has just five short months before "the whole world will be destroyed."

In addition, Camping says his frenzied flock will no longer post billboards about Judgment Day -- and his Christian radio network will only play Christian music and programs.

In other words, no more warnings.

"The world has been warned," he said. "We don't have to talk about this anymore."


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