Harlem Pastors Plan Protest Against Rev. Al Sharpton


Four Harlem clergymen have invited more than 100 churches to stand up against Rev. Al Sharpton, arguing that he has sought fame and acclaim while members of his congregation starve.

“While [Sharpton] is jet-setting around the country, people are going to our churches saying they don’t have money to eat,” Pastor Johnie Green said. “People need somebody to fight for them.”

Green added that Sharpton has spent too much time promoting his book “The Rejected Stone” and his MSNBC show.

“Sharpton isn’t a community organizer,” said Raymond Blanchette, head bishop of the United Churches for Kingdom Building. “He’s a personality,”

Green, along with pastors Carl Washington, Kris Erskine and Patrick Young have planned a rally at Mount Neboh Baptist Church on Oct. 24.

The group expects more than 1,500 supporters to attend.

A separate group of conservative activists has called for a boycott of Ritz Crackers because the brand advertises on Sharpton’s show.

“In better times, Sharpton would be stigmatized and condemned for the damage he has done,” the group’s organizers wrote. “But today he is a primetime host on MSNBC.”

Sources: NY Daily News, Raw Story


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